Honour Roll

ANSC Life Members


Peter Robba (SQ)

Judy Evans (TAS)
Scott Price (TAS)

Jack Winning (SNSW)


Nicholas Ward (SNSW)
Eric McCormack (Tas)

Judy Evans (SNSW)
Karl Evans (SNSW)

Wendy Allwood (SQ)
Clive Allwood (SQ)

Reid Martin (NQ)
Julie Martin (NQ)
Terry Morris (VIC)

Bruce Anson (SNSW)

Barrie Cole (NSW)

John Fisher (SQ)

Don West (SQ)

George Virtue (SQ)
Brian Freeman (TAS)

Ray Bennetts (TAS)

Deeter Blasse (NSW)

Dick Owen (SQ)
John Stevenson (VIC)

Mel Webb (NQ)
Dr Richard Colahan (VIC)

Fran Ives (SQ)

Jack Simpson (SQ)

Ray Radcliffe (NSW)

Geoff Clarridge (TAS)
Rod Williams (TAS)

Bob Jones (NQ)

Len Walpole (NSW)

Gill Walquist (VIC)

Keith McDonald (VIC)

John OHanlon (VIC)

Lionel Shipway Medal

The Lionel Shipway Medal recognises those Sabot sailors who have competed in six Sabot Nationals and/or Sabot Week Regattas. It is recognition of the efforts of sailors who consistently compete and apply themselves in junior sailing, irrespective of where they finish.

The medal is to be awarded at the Opening ceremony.
In the inaugural year, we are delighted that well known ocean yachtsman, media personality and former Sabot sailor, Peter Shipway, son of the late Lionel Shipway OAM will present the medals.

The medal honours the “father of Sabot sailing in Australia” the late Lionel Shipway who was the driving force when he and a group of other members of Vaucluse Amateur 12′ Sailing Club obtained plans from New Zealand and set about building and promoting the Sabot as a junior class. Five boats were built at the club and at members’ homes, including one in the Shipway’s lounge-room.

The first Sabot race was held at Vaucluse on Sydney Harbour in November 1958 and Peter Shipway recalls “Dad was on the helm and I was crew as an eight year old”.

Lionel Shipway was still at the helm as he arranged construction of many building jigs and he led and encouraged other twelve-foot skiff class clubs to introduce Sabots and Sabot learn-to-sail training programs. Within two years around 70 Sabots were sailing at Lane Cove, Abbotsford and Vaucluse.

On Australia Day 2001 Lionel Shipway was awarded the Order of Australia Medal “for services to sailing through promotion of the Sabot class and the instruction of juniors, and to junior rugby union.”

With kind acknowledgement to Peter Campbell, Yachting Journalist.

2021 Recipients
Jordan Barney (SQSA)
Smith Davies (NNSW)
Miles Greenwood (NNSW)

2019 Recipients
Domenick Osborne (NQSA)

2018 Recipients
Tanya Robers (SNSW)
Clancy Dwyer (SNSW)
Cameron Burt (NNSW)
Ellen Hillcoat (TAS)
Seisia Mair (SQSA)

2017 Recipients
Haylee Kellam (SNSW)

2016 Recipients
Maya Turnbull (NQSA)
Sam Hillcoat (TAS)
Max Edmunds (TAS)
Patrick Lambourne (SQSA)

2015 Recipients
Adele Phillips (SNSW)
Tahlia Phillips (SNSW)
William Bridge (SQSA)
Ruby Edmunds (TAS)
Lucy Cooper (TAS)

2014 Recipients
Lucy Osborne (NQ)
Christina Bowden (SQ)
Carlton Smith (SQ)

2013 Recipients
Maggie Bowden (SQ)
Seamus Byrt (SQ)
Ezra Pritchard (SQ)

2011 Recipients
Harry White (SQ)
Kurt Hansen (NNSW)


2010 Recipients
Sarah Dahl (SQ)
Trevor Koreman (SQ)
Dylan Baguley (SQ)
Lily Geck (SQ)
Sophie McIntosh (NNSW)
Caitlin Tames (SNSW)

2009 Recipients
Aleksandrs Price (TAS)
Adam Bloomfield (SNSW)
Bradley Leicester (NNSW)

2008 Recipients
Felix Grech (SNSW)
Kaela Sparre (SNSW)
Kanya Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Vardon Robson (NNSW)
Kimberley White (SQ)

2007 Recipients
Declan Reilly (SNSW)
Jackson Evans (SNSW)
Ravi Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Gemma Hughes (NNSW)
Amelia Johnson (SQ)

2006 Recipients
Matthew Graham (NNSW)
Heidi Graham (NNSW)
Miki Evans (SNSW)
Shelley White (SQ)

2005 Recipients
Richard Taylor (VIC)
Nick Taylor (VIC)
Callum Remington (NNSW)
Sandya Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Declan Rohr (SNSW)
Toby Dind (SNSW)


2004 Recipients
Alex Kerr (NQ)
Kristy White (NQ)
Phoebe Freeman (NNSW)
Maggie Kerr (NQ)
Hannah Nattress (SNSW)
Claire Griffits (SNSW)
Lachlan White (NQ)
Tom Rolfe (SNSW)
Emma O’Rourke (SQ)

2003 Recipients
Tobias Ehrsam (SQ)
Holly Ranson (TAS)

2002 Recipients
Mithcell Cavill (SQ)
David Fletcher (TAS)
Sam Kerr (NQ)
Lucinda Whitty (SNSW)
Max Creedy (NQ)
Emma Flukes (TAS)
Leith Mitchell (NQ)
Tony Wittem (NQ)
Stefanie Creedy (NQ)
Stephanie Flukes (TAS)
Christian Rohr (SNSW)
Jamie Woods (NNSW)

2001 Recipients
Alex Chapman (SNSW)
Renee Linton (NQ)
Beau Outteridge (NNSW)
Ned Daven (SNSW)
Tom Mullavey (TAS)
Phoebe Smith (SQ)
Mitchell Heath (NQ)
Philip Murdoch (NQ)