About The Australian National Sabot Council (ANSC)

Welcome to the Australian National Sabot Council Website.

Sabots are the premier junior sailing class in Australia with over 50 years of history. The boat is just under 8 feet long with a single sail. Sabots are sailed in two divisions – senior and junior divisions. The junior division is sailed by two children under the age of 12, the skipper steers the boat while the crew looks after the sail. The Senior Division is for Children over 12 years old (or in some cases younger).

Sabots are an excellent dinghy for all kids to learn to sail and continue to the highest level of racing.

Many sailing clubs offer learn to sail programs in Sabots. Many kids that have learnt to sail in a Sabot have gone on to become Olympic Champions. Mark Turnbull 2000 Sydney Olympic medallist quotes “80% of what I learnt in sailing was in a Sabot”.

2-up – Its Serious fun and social

The Sabot is an ideal training boat typically with kids starting as early as 6/7 years old as a crew, with an older skipper, sailing 2 up in the Sabot. This is social and develops important team work skills and importantly younger kids have a companion to share their experiences. In the early days, it is proven that sailing 2 up has the best results for learning to sail.


Sailing 1-up Developing resilience – making friends Australia wide

When kids reach 12 years old (or earlier) they graduate to sailing 1 up in the Sabot. It’s never too late to start sailing. The Sabot is a satisfying boat for older kids as it can be sailed fast and it does teach kids excellent boat handling skills. For kids wanting to sail competitively, regattas are held at regional, state and national levels.


Friendly Class – Yearly National and State Championships

Parent involvement is welcome at the Sabot Class, many parent have a life love of sailing, and there are many new to sailing families, you are all welcome to join the community.

At the annual National titles, there are various off water activities are held to enable the young sailors to not only build their sailing skills but also their social skills. Sailors represent their state team and there is friendly rivalry between the states with each team regularly singing their ‘war cry’ during the event. There is an inclusive atmosphere which is enjoyed by all.

To contact your nearest Sailing Club for more information on Kids Learn to Sail Programs please follow links to your local zone on our home page.


Strong Core Values

The Sabot is a high-performance Australian Designed and Built class with a strong associations and training is one of the core values of the class

The Sabot is a class that is still developing today, unlike other beginner classes that are stuck with International rules, the sabot class continues to develop its boat and rigs.

Recent development includes the new Sabot DX hull and composite masts which have dramatically reduced the costs of a brand-new boat. These boats perform at the highest level are available to be ordered via Dinghy Sports a local Australian manufacture. High performance hulls can also be ordered from Van Muster who specialize in Skiff production and high performance Sports yachts.

Every boat is unique, and the class thrives today, with a strong training and regatta program that runs year around.

Sabot Sailing – Serious Fun! Make an inquiry now about joining in – we would love to see you join our class and start sailing today.